Quality Control

Quality is the foundation of enterprise development, how do we control the quality of our products?

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Corporate Philosophy

We have a complete set of quality assurance and training system to ensure quality control from the whole life of product. Our company has clearly listed the key points of quality control from the beginning of product design. Eliminate the complex to simplify, negate the quality defects produced in the planning, and focus on the quality problems in the key technologies in every link and keep solve them.

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The quality assurance department of the R&D center is the first hurdle of quality control, and its subordinate laboratory is the key department to ensure "zero defects in development". The quality control department in production is the decisive department for our terminal quality assurance. Its laboratory for quality is the judge of whether the product is circulating or not. The on-site quality inspectors adhere to the means of full inspection to ensure the quality of our products.

Advanced Equipment

A worker must first sharpen his tools if he wants to do his job well. This is an old Chinese proverb. In recent years, the upgrading of our production equipment is getting newer and better. Practice has proved that the introduction of top-notch equipment has increased production efficiency and also greatly improved the yield of products. This is beyond the reach of manpower alone. It can be described as the 2.0 upgrade cognition and method for quality improvement.

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Eliminate problems in the development phase

The rigorous polishing spirit puts high demands on research and development. UZSPACE people unanimously believe that eliminating the problem in development is the greatest leverage effect for saving costs, increasing efficiency, and improving yield. Therefore, we would rather lengthen the R&D time to eliminate a series of problems including quality during this period.

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